Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp

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As an Educator, you have a vital role to play:

With your class, not only will you be teaching someone how to save their own life,
you may be teaching the next “accidental first responder” how to save someone else’s life, too.

That’s why this segment is designed to give you the tools you need to make your message count.

An important part of that message is the risk of Circum-rescue Collapse and how to minimize the dangers of it. You can find out more by clicking on that highlighted link, and also by clicking on the 4 Phases of Cold Water Immersion (below).

Click on any of the topics below to get more detailed information, see photos, or watch video clips of a lecture by Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht.

  • Thermoregulation – How the body maintains a constant core temperature of about 37°C.

  • Mechanisms of Heat Loss – The four processes by which the body loses heat.

  • 4 Phases Of Cold Water Immersion – The phases the body goes through when immersed in cold water, and the consequences of each. Also includes a segment on Circum-rescue Collapse.

  • 1-10-1 Principle – An easy way to help you remember the first three phases of Cold Water Immersion.

  • Cold Water Survival – Key clothing and behaviours to enhance your survival in cold water.

  • Stay or Swim? – Factors to consider when deciding whether to stay with an overturned boat or swim to shore.

  • Rescue and Treatment – Components of the successful rescue and treatment of hypothermic victims.

Want more curriculum ideas? Look under Resources on the right to find the Glossary, some Sample Lesson Plans, and some suggested Questions and Answers.

Click Downloads to get handouts, photos, video clips, or an entire PowerPoint presentation.
Click DVD to order the video to show in your class.

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