Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp

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Welcome to Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp

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A few years ago, the original award-winning Cold Water Boot Camp, DVD, and website were developed to show the real-life effects of the Cold Shock Response, Cold Incapacitation, and Hypothermia. Now it’s time for Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp: advanced training for First Responders and boating safety Educators to help prevent the needless fatalities associated with cold water rescues and Circum-rescue Collapse.


Are you a First Responder? 
Dive more deeply into cold water rescue best practices and tools application.

Click on First Responders for Rescue Techniques, Treatment, and Equipment.

Are you an Educator? 
Cold Water is a hot topic! Jump in to teach the physiology of cold water exposure, with class materials developed just for you.

Click on Educators to find a wealth of resources you can use in your next class, such as lesson plans, presentations, and more.
This site is dedicated to All Those Who Put Themselves In Harm's Way To Help Others Out Of It.




Any Time, Any Section

Click on Downloads to get all the key information as handouts, charts, or photos, and save to your desktop.
Click on DVD to order the video to deepen your understanding or to enhance your classes.
Click on Search Box and type in keywords to find them instantly throughout the website.

We hope this material helps YOU make a life-saving difference, wherever you choose apply it.

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