Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp


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low_freeboard_1Many larger rescue vessels are equipped with a dive door on one or both sides to make it easier to extract a victim from the water and onto the deck.  When a victim is wearing a PFD, not only does it increase the chances of survival, the PFD may also help with the extraction by providing an easy way to grasp the victim securely. 

With this particular combination of the boat’s capabilities and the victim’s circumstances, use this technique:

  • Position the boat downwind with the victim at the dive door opening. 

  • Have two rescuers lean down and grab the PFD.  (If too far to reach, grab the victim’s wrists and hoist until able to reach the PFD).low_freeboard_2
  • As the victim is hoisted, the rescuers should slowly lay back onto the deck pulling the victim on top of them to cushion the landing.

  • Once aboard, assess the victim’s condition, and if possible package with a vapour barrier against the wet clothing and an outer wrap of insulation before securing for transport to shore.


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