Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp


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single_sling1Air boats are ideal craft for use in early season, late season and winter rescue when ice may prohibit access by more conventionally powered boats.

The following steps describe the two-person technique for extracting a victim from the water using a single sling.

  • Position the boat downwind with the victim at an appropriate retrieval point on the hull.

  • Both rescuers lean down, each grabbing one of the victim’s wrists.

  • Without letting go, loop the sling around the victim and position under the arms.

  • Using the sling, hoist the victim into the boat and allow the victim to land on top of you to cushion the fall.

  • Once aboard, assess the victim’s condition, and if possible package with a vapour barrier against the wet clothing and an outer wrap of insulation before securing for transport to shore.

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