Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp


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Here are a variety of resources to help you learn and teach the key information found on this site:

First Responder & Educator Videos
 Supplied as both MPEG4 (.mp4) and Windows Media Format (.wmv)
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 Printed Materials 
Provided here for your use in the classroom, agency office, or even to keep with your boat for easy reference.

Safe Extraction Reference Card
(WORD DOC - 258k)

Sample Lesson Plan: 1 Hour  (WORD DOC)

Sample Lesson Plan: Half Day  (WORD DOC)

Sample Questions and Answers
 (WORD DOC - 45k)

Problems with Cold Rescue paper by Dr. Giesbrecht (PDF - 45K)

A complete slide presentation is provided for Educators.
Slide Presentation Facts About Cold Water Immersion (Power Point - 6MB)

Photos featured on this site.
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Low Resolution

Educator Section
Charts and Graphs